Babel Hobbits  

Gallery of illustrated, multilingual editions of "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien

My Smial full of happy hobbits :)

...all merry hobbits run outside their rooms to Welcome you cheerfully in the Main Hall...

Organize these crazy running hobbits and ask them to make a meeting in order by name, age, born year etc.

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hobbits live happy in My Smial and talk about meals in 21 different languages :)

Armenian(1), Belarusian(1), Bulgarian(2), Czech(1), English(2), Esperanto(1), Estonian(1), Finnish(1), French(2), German(2), Hungarian(1), Japanese(2), Latvian(1), Moldovan(1), Polish(3), Portuguese(1), Romanian(2), Russian(37), Slovak(1), Swedish(2), Ukrainian(2)  (you can clik on language to see all hobbits from the Smial talking this language)